Understand Employees, Retain Talent.

Manto predicts who will resign and when, explains the cause for each possible resignation, and recommends the best course of action to retain your talent.



Each employee is given a resignation risk level and an estimated cost of their possible turnover, based on your organization's resignation patterns, so you can go from reactive to proactive retention.


Manto predicts the reasons behind every possible resignation: knowing why each employee might leave increases your chances of retaining them.


Manto will generate an understanding of retention solutions which work for your organization and provide data-driven recommendations for retention actions.


How it works

Data collection

Manto collects data from several sources in your organization, namely HR systems and Email server meta-data.

Data enrichment

External benchmark data is added and each employee is given a context and a timeline.

model creation

Manto learns your resignation protocols and creates a prediction model specifically suited to you organization...

AI Explainability

Manto identifies the potential cause for resignation, to make our insights more actionable and less prone to bias.


Why Manto?


A single employee resignation costs their employer upto 150% of their annual salary.
That means a 1000 employee company with market-average turnover rates spends millions of dollars on employee turnover.


According to recent studies, the vast majority of resignations are preventable. The reason they are not prevented is that the first time organizations learn there's a problem is AFTER the employee has decided to leave.


Managers can predict 20% of their employees’ resignations. That means your chances of detecting resignations in time to prevent them are slim. Manto predicts up to 4x better than an average manager.


About Us

Manto was founded by former head-analysts in the Israeli Intelligence. After a decade of predicting and analyzing human behavior and organizational trends, we’ve decided to use the methodological tools we’ve gained and incorporate them into a product that will help employers understand their employees better and improve the workplace.  


We have worked with organizations in Tech, Finance, Defense and others, ranging from 2,000 to 30,000 employees, creating a unique expertise  in the art and science of employee retention.


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