for remote leadership

Manto syncs to email, IM, calendar & VC – and provides managers with the insight they need to build a healthy team culture and keep their people engaged.
Track burnout symptoms continuously
Encourage positive management practices
Fit for management & HR use cases
Ethical, customizable & GDPR ready
Improve as a digital leader

Manto tracks digital communication from manager to employee, measures the manager’s behavior against clear benchmarks and recommends action, celebrates achievements and encourages best practice habits.

Get a clear picture of organizational health

Manto’s overview dashboard informs HR & senior executives of engagement levels and remote management practices, at every part of the organization, in real time

AI-Powered Technology

Our AI brain uses machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) algorithms that have been customized to deal with internal communication and employee engagement.

Understand how your employees are feeling

Manto tracks digital communication from employee to manager, to provide continuous visibility of organizational health and employee wellbeing. Manto alerts users when there are signs of potential burnout to address an emerging problem early.

Connect in Minutes

Manto has APIs to all major communication services, making it super easy to sync with your channels in no-time.

Data Privacy & Security Come First

We access sensitive data to reach our insights, and we do not take that lightly. It means we have to hold ourselves to the highest standards, not just technologically – but ethically. Manto is GDPR ready, officially compliant with ISO27001. The only person who can see your individual analysis – is you. All the rest is aggregated to ensure your privacy.


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Manto was founded by former head-analysts in the Israeli Intelligence and backed by some of Israel’s top venture capital investors.

We crunched years of expertise in analyzing human behavior and organizational trends, into a product that truly helps employers understand their employees better and improve as leaders in “the new normal”.  

Manto’s products are currently helping organizations in Tech, Finance, Defense and others, ranging from 2,000 to 30,000 employees.



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94 Yigal Alon st. Tel Aviv, Israel